Stubborn and hard-hearted. ja - ab und zu
Strong-willed and highly motivated. nein - nein
Sharp thoughts. dann und wann
Easily angered. ja schon
Attracts others and loves attention. nein - nein
Deep feelings. jor
Beautiful physically and mentally. +lach+
Firm Standpoint. jo
Needs no motivation. bin ja kaum zu motivieren hahaha
Easily consoled. weniger
Systematic (left brain). nayaaa..
Loves to dream. ja
Strong clairvoyance. mh?
Understanding. mh ja
Sickness usually in the ear and neck. stimmt auch
Good imagination. joa
Good physical. ?h.
Weak breathing. ?_?
Loves literature and the arts. jah
Loves traveling. auch
Dislike being at home. w?rd ich jetz nich sagen
Restless. ab und zu
Not having many children. gar keine um genau zu sein
Hardworking. +lach+
High spirited. manchmal
Spendthrift. schon

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